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February 24, 2022 | 2:00 - 3:00pm EST

Tax Season can be a nightmare! – if you haven’t adequately prepared.  Most of us are so busy earning a living, that we don’t do the best job of setting ourselves up for success- getting our Financial Plan in order – which is HUGE when taxation should be an important part of your plan.  We can’t wait to share how we can help you create and fine tune your plan, minimizing your tax liabilities, as well as maximizing your tax savings.

In this Webinar, join us to learn about and discuss:
•    Self-Employed vs Business Owner Filing
•    Tax Diversification Tools
•    Virtual/Crypto Currency -  Tax Ramifications | What is it?           And how it affects my taxes?

Denny Runkle.jpg

Dennis Runkle

Founder, Wealth Management Accounting

Heather Amador 2_edited.jpg

Heather Amador

Enrolled Agent, ProTax WMA

About the hosts:

Dennis Runkle

In the Financial Services Industry since 1986,Dennis Runkle's goal and "life work" have been focused on eliminating the confusion created when clients have “ONE” question and receive “THREE” different answers; one from their Accountant, a different answer from their Attorney, and yet another answer from their Financial Advisor. This Team, as a comprehensive unit, has the ability to help our clients create, preserve and retain wealth by implementing a coordinated plan where the advisors agree on the steps of execution.


Heather Amador

Heather Amador is an Enrolled Agent. Her areas of expertise are Tax Law for personal, small business, estate and trusts, including IRS collections. She is a graduate of Purdue University with a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Taxation. She loves doing all returns and especially takes joy in teaching people about taxes.   

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