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Our Vision: To be the last Financial Advisor, Accountant, and Tax Preparer our clients will ever need.

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Our Goal

To ensure our clients enjoy their lives more and worry less about their money. Wealth Management Accounting is created to partner with our clients. As a partner, we address every contingency of your wealth accumulation plan, relieving you of the everyday burden of matters ranging from financial housekeeping and tax reduction strategies, to high-level financial analysis and estate planning.

A Letter From Our Founder

Dennis Runkle - Wealth Management Accounting

               "When you started working, you may have consulted with someone to determine which retirement plan options were available to you, and how and what to invest. When children entered the picture, you may have had an attorney draft wills and trusts. You may also have met an insurance salesperson and bought some life insurance. Down the line, you invested in stocks, bonds, or financial products outside of your retirement plan. Maybe you hired a CPA, who, when asked, gave you the best advice they could.
Each of these decisions would have made sense at the time, but they were not part of an integrated plan. The sum of the individual parts did not add up to something greater than the whole. This disconnected process doesn’t capitalize on opportunities to maximize tax savings and optimize investments.
Multiple providers, multiple strategies, no integration. If this sounds familiar, don’t blame yourself; join the crowd. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
When you choose to work with us, we commit to analyzing all aspects of your financial and personal situation. We, and our partners, work closely together to develop a specific Masterplan, just for you. We will provide you with a fully integrated solution combining the four pillars of our Tax Planning, Asset Protection, Estate Planning, and Investment Management strategies to determine the best course of action, given your specific circumstances. Due to our uniquely structured team of resources, we are able to offer choices other providers don’t.


Welcome to Wealth Management Accounting, we’re glad you’re here.