A Team Like No Other

Wealth Management Accounting (WMA) is more than just accounting. Over the last 20+ years, we have assembled a superstar team of trusted resources that work together daily to take care of our clients.

This team is committed to improving clients' lives by providing individualized tax reduction planning strategies that align with the client's needs for Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Investment Management. WMA provides choices not traditionally offered through other resources. We pledge to deliver a cohesive financial plan that is 100% in our clients' best interest.

The WMA team plays several roles:

Accountant, CPA, Bookkeeper, Investment Manager, Stockbroker, and incorporating tax advice from your attorney or ours. All collaborating and communicating for the benefit of our clients.


But the key trait that makes the WMA Team unique is that we are outstanding listeners. Every Team Member understands how vital it is to take time to sit down with each client, discovering their concerns, hopes, dreams, and goals.: What our clients' biggest fears may be.

What issues keep them up at night?

Offering solutions you can't find anywhere else.

The WMA Plan

Your financial plan contains many moving parts:

  • Investment Growth

  • Tax Efficient Planning

  • Qualified Money Ratio

  • Estate Planning

  • Asset Protection

  • IRA Rescue (Qualified Fund Reduction)

  • Medicaid Spend Down Protection

WMA will be vigilant in managing the entire masterplan for you, through actively monitoring all the pieces and ensuring the highest efficiency and greatest accumulation of wealth possible.